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Villa Interior Design – The Sublime Art of Interior Decor in Villas

‘The word villa brings to mind large, luxurious and elaborate houses.

Villa Interior Design - The Sublime Art of Interior Decor in Villas

One of the most popular forms of housing available across the world today, apartments or flats are a housing unit occupying one part of a building. Apartments can be as small as a single-room house or can occupy an entire floor or more. However, when it comes to turning a house into a home, it is not just the exterior that matters but also the interior. Whether it is a luxury apartment or a small sized one, its interior decor can make or break the beauty of the house.

The word villa brings to mind large, luxurious and elaborate houses. Once found commonly in ancient Rome, villas today are coveted all over the world due to the elegance as well as the privacy offered.

There is a huge scope for creativity when it comes to decorating villas. The sheer amount of space can sometimes send the owners to a tizzy and overwhelm them which is why there are a few tips and tricks that can be used in order to furnish a villa splendidly.’

Theme for Your Villa

One of the first things that need to be taken care of is the theme. Indian, Mediterranean, modern, eclectic, etc., there are a plethora of themes to work with. For example, a modern villa decor would perhaps celebrate the union of steel and chrome seamlessly blended with minimalistic accents and clean lines. Luxury villas on the other hand would perhaps speak extravagance and go with colours and furnishings that would sit with the theme.


Colour Scheme to Choose for Villas

Another tip would be to also decide the colour scheme for the entire house in the beginning, one that would fit with the theme. The same colour need not be selected for all the rooms, but playing with shades, tones and textures would result in interesting variations.

Furnishing and Accents for Your Villa Interior

Luxury or modern villa interior design is determined by furnishings, decals, theme as well as the lights used. Space can be utilised in various ways however, if one wishes to enhance the feeling of vastness even more certain tricks can be utilised such as, using low-slung furniture which gives the illusion of a taller room. The addition of gold and silver accents can also enhance the luxuriousness of the abode while lending a classy and sophisticated atmosphere.


Mirrors for a Villa

Mirrors are another piece of decor that has a huge impact on the aesthetic of the room. Mirrors again give an impression of largeness and space. If used correctly, it can change the whole look of the villa. With mirrors, one can play with the shape, frame, and size depending on the theme and colour scheme.

Foliage in a Villa

Addition of foliage and greenery is another fantastic way to brighten up homes. Flowering plants, bonsai, creepers are all the rage now and apart from adding freshness, beauty and colour also helps to purify the air around.


Challenges Comes in Villa Interior Designing

There are certain challenges that come with interior decoration. One of these issues include sticking to the given budget. Going over budget is quite common but unless one has the means to be extravagant, this needs to be avoided. It is also quite easy to do so. Swap branded decor items from those available at the local thrift store, for example.

Interior decor should not take away from the beauty of the house nor should it be done just for the sake of being extravagant. Another challenge is sourcing the necessary products. Luckily today, there are a number of online sites and many more merchants, making the task less arduous.

One Stop Solution

In order to make customers’ design dreams come true, Just Creative Designs has been newly launched. Armed with creative inputs, highly inspired decorators and a love for challenges, the team at Just Creative Designs works to ensure that each of their clients find their dream home decor while sticking to the given budget. They are experts in wardrobes, kitchens, consoles and many more making them a one-stop destination for interior design.

Remember that the design and the aesthetic of the villa should reflect the personality of the owner which is when an ordinary house becomes a warm and welcoming home.


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