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Living Room Interior Design

The concept of a Living Room dates back to the olden days where the entire family gathered around after a meal.

Interior Design for Living Room

One of the most popular forms of housing available across the world today, apartments or flats are a housing unit occupying one part of a building. Apartments can be as small as a single-room house or can occupy an entire floor or more. However, when it comes to turning a house into a home, it is not just the exterior that matters but also the interior. Whether it is a luxury apartment or a small sized one, its interior decor can make or break the beauty of the house.

The concept of a Living Room dates back to the olden days where the entire family gathered around after a meal, in a comfortable setting and spent time playing a game, listening to music or simply spending quality time. The living room was also considered as a space where the family displayed precious items like expensive silverware, awards and accolades and the likes.

Over the years, the entire concept of living room seems to have taken a backseat as families became smaller with the concept of nuclear families becoming more popular. Parents split up to find greener pastures, children for better academic opportunities, which eventually resulted in families getting lesser time to spend with each other. The living room thus moved to become an area which was used maybe once or twice a month.

But this trend has thankfully started experiencing a huge transition due to modern lifestyle. People nowadays understand the need and importance of having a better work life balance. The concept has started moving from ‘house’ to ‘home’. Families understand the importance of spending quality time together, catching up over a board game, or simply updating each other about the day’s activities.

The modern age living room has moved far away from a mere display area to a place where the families design the room around their tastes and preferences, making it a cozy area reciprocating a feel good factor and a reflection of their personality and belief systems. This is where we can help you make your ideas a reality.

We present to you a few decorating ideas to make your living room- small or large, an ideal space according to your needs:

Use neutral colors for your living room:

A darker color may make the room look smaller, and hence going for hues like white, creams and such lighter tones can make the room look much larger and brighter. It also allows sunlight to come in easily and fill up the area in a positive vibe.


Place a mirror in the room:

Placing a large mirror strategically has a way of making a small living room look much larger, as the reflection of the room bounces back making the space look much bigger.

Make the space colorful:

Adding small and colorful showpieces, adding numerous cushions on the sofa is a way to make the living room livelier and decorate the space well. Adding colors to the room not only brightens up the entire space, but has a nice positive feel to the room as well.


Don’t go for large furniture:

Having large furniture takes away the space, and also makes the room look much more congested. Hence, it is advisable to select furniture that is in accordance to the size of the room so that the room looks more like a relaxed space where you feel like unwinding after a long day.

Wall mount the lights:

Attaching the reading light on the wall is a great way to not only save space, but also gives the rooms a modern feeling, making the room look much brighter. Also, it adds to a very nice decorating aspect.

Designing your living room is important, not only because it’s the first room which people walk into, but it also sets the tone for the entire house. That is why we at Just Creative Designs are your right choice to decorate your home and give your living room or any room, the classy feel you always wanted. With a team of highly experienced and talented Interior Designers, we will give your home the makeover you always wished for!

So go ahead, make your living room the ideal space of your dreams!


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