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Apartment Interior Design

Many of us live in apartments that are not very spacious, especially in crowded cities due to lack of space.

Apartment Interior Design

One of the most popular forms of housing available across the world today, apartments or flats are a housing unit occupying one part of a building. Apartments can be as small as a single-room house or can occupy an entire floor or more. However, when it comes to turning a house into a home, it is not just the exterior that matters but also the interior. Whether it is a luxury apartment or a small sized one, its interior decor can make or break the beauty of the house.

Interior Decor in Small Apartments

Many of us live in apartments that are not very spacious, especially in crowded cities due to lack of space. But don’t let this deter you. Interior decor in small spaces can be just as beautiful as those in flats with a larger space, just by using your creativity and a few interior design ideas that we have provided.


Colours and Textures in an Apartment

One of the biggest factors in changing the look of the house is the colour of the paint that is selected. Colours that are light and neutral provide a sophisticated and classy look to the place. Play with textures and designs to add variations.</p> <p>Colour can also be incorporated through curtains, furnishings, paintings, and decals. However, do not incorporate too many colours or it will end up looking like a mess.

It is important to figure this step out first. Attractiveness is important but more so is functionality. For example, will a family of three really require an enormous refrigerator just because it looks enticing? Use furniture and appliances that will be useful. If they look good, that’s a bonus! Cutlery is another great way to enhance the look of the kitchen. Wooden cutlery will provide a warm, cosy vibe whereas steel lends a modern and classy feel. One can really play around with these while decorating a kitchen.

Patterns and Space Transformation in Apartments

Small spaces should not be overlooked. Hang up a painting or plaster wallpaper just in that area to transform the vibe of the place. Additionally, the use of carts or foldable tables/beds that can be used in different ways is also advantageous.


Mirrors and Foliage in Apartment Decor

A tried and tested trick that is used by seasoned decorators to bring about an illusion of space is to add mirrors. Play with different sizes and different frames. Just make sure that they reflect something that is visually appealing. Apart from this, vertical gardens and hanging planters are convenient and do not take up much space while lending a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Interior Decor in Luxury Apartments

Luxury apartments generally come with a lot more space and therefore more options to decorate the interior with. One can be luxurious while being opulent as well as minimalistic.


Gold and Silver in Apartment Interior Decor

Gold and silver accents can transform the look of a place and lend a very lavish and rich vibe to a room. These accents can be in the form of paintings, cushion covers, and curtains. However, it is better to incorporate these elements in a subtle manner so that these accents pop.

Lighting of the Apartment

Lighting can change the entire atmosphere of the apartment. Cosy soft yellow lights in alcoves or vintage lamps are highly recommended. For a more opulent feel, chandeliers are the ideal choice, large or small based on the size of the room.

Vintage pieces of furniture or decorative pieces lend a very classy feel as well.


Challenges Faced in Apartment Interior Designing

Decorating an apartment is a lot of fun and helps to unleash an individual’s creativity; however there are quite a few challenges as well. The usage or lack of space in smaller apartments can hinder the process of decoration. Additionally, budget is another concern along with the availability of materials that have been chosen.

One Stop Solution for Apartment Interior Design

Just Creative Designs is a company founded by passionate individuals whose only aim is to provide premier interior design services to their customers. A love for challenges including staying within the given budget is what drives this company. Just Creative Designs will help you find your dream interiors with respect to wardrobes, kitchens, consoles and many more.

Only when an apartment reflects the personality of the owner will an ordinary house become a welcoming home.


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