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Vastu Tips- Recommended Colors for Bedrooms

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Vastu - Recommended Colours for Bedrooms

Vastu Tips- Recommended Colors for Bedrooms

Vastu Shastra or Vastu Vidhya is the Indian adaptation of Feng – Shui which interprets wind-water in English. Vastu Vidhya is as historic as the Vedic Period. It is connected to conventional architecture which acts as a guiding principle to plan your home in the way that spreads positive vibes.


Vastu to radiate good vibes


According to conventional beliefs, there are 5 elements significant in Vastu Shastra – these are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. The science of direction combines these and coordinate them with human body and materials. Knowledge of these elements can bring in the good vibes in the home by planning the house in a certain way or by making some changes or by putting certain things in certain places.


Vastu also was known as ‘Yoga of design’ acts as guidelines for a positive home. Positive energy creates healthier living space.



Vastu for Bedroom and Colours Recommended 


The south direction is termed best as per Vastu Shastra. As per Vastu Shastra, bedroom walls should be painted in nude, neutral or earthy shades.


These following Colours that can bring balance to your bedroom are :


Creamy White

White brings simplicity and ease, which gives relaxing vibes. White is the perfect color to give your bedroom an elegant look. Cream colored walls give the room warmth and simplicity.


Baby Pink

This soft, pretty hue gives your room an interesting look and ensures that your room does not look boring.


Coral Peach

Peach is calming and casts a romantic spell on your bedroom. It is believed to keep away evil spirits as per Chinese Feng Shui. It symbolizes immortality.  You can make space a bit less feminine by adding patterns.


Pine Amber

This light hue gives your room a bright look and airy feel. If you have a small bedroom, this color can help space appear larger. Amber gives your room a sunny and happy shade which connects you to nature.


Moss green 

You can’t go wrong with this color. It gives an organic feel to your room. It is an organic feel to your room. It is an ideal cool shade.


Soft Red 

It gives you a cozier space. This color creates an inviting corner. It gives your room a modern makeover. It spreads a romantic, cheerful feeling in your room. It gives your room a modern makeover.


Lavender Magic 

It is the color of royalty. In ancient times this color was used by kings, it gives you a luxurious feel by making the environment comfortable. Balance the violet elements by trying out other vibrant shades of Colors such as pale yellow or mint green.


Aqua Blue

It is a soothing color which connects you to the water or rain. Mixing blue with aqua and trying out the other shades with aqua blue can keep the space from feeling too Peachy. It creates a very cool and soothing atmosphere.

Gold or Yellow

This color represents positivity and happiness. Yellow is the color of optimism and intelligence. Hence, according to Vastu, using this hue increases the mental prowess of the inhabitant and helps one think happy thoughts. This shade also boosts confidence and self-esteem – this is why it is a recommended bedroom vast color for young professionals and students.


Brown is an earthy hue – it represents stability. Thus, having a dark or light brown bedroom promotes a feeling of solidity and a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. This is a good vastu color to have in aged people’s bedrooms.

Other colors that you can try out are Silver Sparkle, Emerald Green, Ocean Blue and Nude tones.

Always Avoid using dark colors for Bedrooms such as Black as they give a dark negative feeling but you can mix the dark shades with light shades and give a perfect look to your bedroom. Such as black can be mixed with white – the combination giving Gray which can be the perfect color for the bedroom. These colors have an impact on your body and mind to give your bedroom a wonderful an amazing look by keeping these points in mind.

Directional colors 
You can also choose colors based on the direction in which your room is situated, to amplify its effect.

  • Northwest-facing rooms can be in white
  • North-facing rooms can be in light hues of green
  • West-facing rooms can be in greys
  • Southeast-facing rooms can in red or pink
  • Northeast-facing rooms can be in shades of yellow or gold

Are there any other vastu-related topics you’d like to read about? Let us know in Comments below.




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