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Tricks Interior Designers Will Never Tell You For Free

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Tricks Interior Designers Will Never Tell You For Free

We all want to have our spaces designed by interior designers. Don’t we?  But this is not possible for each one of us, especially if we’re staying in a rented apartment or constantly keep moving!

Interior designing is an art and also an expensive one. From paying the interior designers for the designs to actually planning out and buying the required furniture and the interiors, it burns a hole into our pocket.

We have some tips for those of you who want to make their space more put together and yet don’t want to spend any money on it. Here are some tips that any interior designer will never tell you for free.

  • Mirror On The Wall

Mirror On The Wall

Use big mirrors to make a small room look a little more spacious! Mirrors are a great way to make your room expensive. Just get yourself a  mirror of any shape and put it up on the wall. Make sure you don’t put it up on the accent wall that will spoil the look of the room.

  • Shapes

Sofa Set With Wooden Tale

Play around with objects of different shapes that gives a very edgy look to your space. You can use any shape for that matter of fact hexagonal, octagon, round, square, anything works for as long as doesn’t look over the top.

  • Carpets And  Rugs

Carpet and Rugs in Living Room

Carpets and rugs can be found each and every household, but the right type size of carpet for your space is the main game! Don’t use a carpet that covers the entire floor, instead leave some space bare. For a really big room don’t use one huge carpet, use two carpets to separate the room instead.

Last but not the least, make your space as comfortable as you can because at the end of the day all you would want is to just escape into space.

We hope these ideas were helpful to you! Leave us some suggestions on some tips that we can add on!


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