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Space – Saving DIY Hacks For Home Interior Design

HomeInterior DesignSpace – Saving DIY Hacks For Home Interior Design
Space Saving DIY Hacks for Home Interior Design

Space – Saving DIY Hacks For Home Interior Design

We all know how difficult it is to move into your very first apartment in the big city, away from your parents!! Moving out can take a toll on us and not only is it stressful but its burns a hole into our pocket. Most of the big city apartments aren’t as big as your family home back in your hometown but you got to work with what you have.  Don’t you worry my friend we’ve got your back!! Yes, you heard us right! You don’t always need fancy interiors to make your space look all amazing, all you need is a creative mind! To set the vibe of your apartment just be yourself and make your space as comfortable as possible! Your space should always be a reflection of yourself and make it feel like home! Here are 7 DIYs by which you can save money and also a whole lot of space in your apartment!


Before you start to design your space clear everything out. Declutter everything and make everything as minimalistic as possible. Not only will it give you a clear idea of the overview of your future space but it will also get you into a clear headspace. As the old saying goes  ‘We are, what we surround ourselves with’, so in order to work more efficiently keep your room clean an everything in its proper place.



Keep baskets everywhere. I repeat Everywhere! Need space for keeping those fruits? BASKETS. Don’t know where to keep your hot iron tools?  BASKETS. Have lots of jewelry? BASKETS. Get cheap and attractive baskets on  Amazon or Flipkart! Stores like Miniso Japan also have cute and very inexpensive baskets to keep your miscelleanous objects. Not only do they do a good job at hiding your unattractive things, they also give a nice look to your room and your room looks more organized!


  • GlASS JARS     

Remember the time your mom used to recycle those glass jam jars and used to keep different spices in that? Yes, you need to do the exact same thing minus the spices part! Glass jar are not only handy for storing things but they give a really classy feel to your space as if you really spent money (but we know you didn’t?). Use glass paint to simply design them and also use ribbons to make them look cute. Keep your Makeup brushes or your hair accessories in those glass jars! Also you’re helping the environment by recycling, so kudos to you for that!



If you have a small place use neutral colour furniture and  fabric. Don’t go too overboard with the colours it will make your room look jam packed and we don’t want that!  Use light coloured curtains and use pastels or neutral coloured bedsheet and sofa covers! And if you want a little colour use warm toned fabrics to cover your pillows and cushions.



This is a hack for those of you who have a really small space. Install a horizontal mirror on one of the walls this will reflect light making your room  look a lot more bigger than it actually is! A plus point, it also gives your room a very polished look. You can get a horizontal mirror custom made from the local furniture shop or shop for one online!



Use the space under your bed, sofa and  other possible furniture that have under space. Things that you generally don’t use, store those things underneath. Keep your shoes or your warmer clothes that you don’t need on a regular basis. But also be sure to store everything in carton boxes so that things don’t look messy! These spaces really come in handy when storing things away!!



Use furnitures that can be doubled up! A coffee table can turn into a dining table when you have someone for dinner! Having a small bed that can double up as a sofa. It will save you a lot of space plus you don’t have to spend extra on a sofa!




We hope the above mentioned ideas and hacks are helpful! We would love to know your hacks and ideas about space saving!  Do your part on saving the environment as well. Use as less plastic as you can and also try to recycle things, not only will it save you money but you’ll also be producing less waste. REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE!

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