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Interior Decor Tips For Contemporary Indian Homes

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Interior Decor Tips For Contemporary Indian Homes

Interior Decor Tips For Contemporary Indian Homes

A well-designed house is never an accident. It requires a full-fledged design plan to make a place look great. Even a minute thing can make a difference. Given below are some decor tips for the contemporary Indian houses.

Bring Home A Splash Of Green :

Give your house an upgrade of green. In the 21stcentury the ideas of having gardens don’t seem realistic but this in no way means that you can’t have a green view of your house. You can always have a balcony garden and easy maintenance indoor plants lilies and ferns. Youcan have pot plants and create a small herb garden alongside the still window shelves.

You don’t need to crowd your living area with all of your plants, you can add some to your library, bedrooms and even kitchen. Besides giving a refreshing look to the entire apartment, these tiny plants purify the air we breathe in- it’s like having natural air purifiers all over the place.

Use All That Unused Stuff You Got There :

All that unused collection of return gifts and other stuff you got while you were on your holidays etc shall not go waste. Display the stuff beautifully in the showcase. If the shelves look crowded with the stuff try interspersing the items either with the plants, small lamps, and books. This will give layering effect and give a classy look to the place. You can also color the background to highlight the showcase.



Be Ever Ready For The Guests :

India is a place where there is no specific time to expect guests. Your doorbell can ring anytime, so instead of panicking every time some guests hit your door, keep your apartment ready to always welcome them. Keep a rack for the wallets and keys near the entrance, have secret storage compartments in your furniture where you can stuff in the things whenever in hurry and

Also, keep a sofa cum bed to make your guests and friends comfortable if they choose to stay over. Also, keep your guest room ready, don’t use it to dump your laundry and stuff.


Add Personality To Your Apartment:

Choose the decor for your apartment that lifts the look of the apartment. Don’t mix different decor styles unnecessarily. Decide the look for your apartment and decorate it with the pieces that go with the look. For example if you want an ethnic look in your apartment, use the Indian decorating stuff. Ethnic rugs, carved wood dining table, copper items and specialities of other places of India gives your apartment a diverse and a great look.



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