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Some Fundamental Kitchen Measurements You Need To Know

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Fundamental Kitchen Measurements You should know

Some Fundamental Kitchen Measurements You Need To Know

Kitchen design is a methodical art. Understanding a few calculations, dimensions can help you understand gastronomy and culinary science, which in turn would help you make your life easy.

The three most crucial things for continuity are :

Breathing, Sleeping, and Eating. While no effort is needed for breathing, sleeping comes through tough assignments or tasks. It comes through performing uphill tasks. So Eating is the only one which needs to be planned.


The kitchen is one of the practical zones, especially in Indian kitchens. It is the heart around which the whole house functions. Proper Ventilation and chimneys for smoke escape should be created in this hub of the home. Prefer to start from scratch if you get the opportunity or have the luxury of styling and designing it your way. Why not give it the perfect size and shape which suits your choice? Plan it accordingly to save your time and energy. You can opt for simple, modular, semi-modular or conventional kitchens.

Interior of the kitchen includes cleaning, preparation, cooking and serving areas.


Kitchen in earlier times as well as now is connected to Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvati also known as ‘Annapurna’ so maintaining cleanliness was linked to the goddess. Women were not allowed to enter in the kitchen without bathing as an attribute to cleanliness. People in ancient times believed superstitions than scientific reasons. These scientific reasons were hidden behind every custom that they preached or followed.

Non-vegetarian food was also forbidden because it was linked to Goddess Annapurna and Agni Devta. Food was first offered to Agni Devta as Prasad. With the spirit of holiness of both these powers, it becomes alchemy. Health food gives immortality. In ancient Greece, the kitchen was usually a separate room which was next to a bathroom. The reason being they both were accessible from the Court. They also had a small storage room near the house.

Meals are prepared in this hub of the house which fuels our body and mind.

“ Jaisa Khaye Ann, Waisa Bane Mann”.


Kitchen Measurements


Before knowing about the kitchen measurements we should keep some points in mind. A kitchen should have sufficient counter space, storage, an effective layout which includes kitchen polygon and preparation as well as visual privacy.

Here are some kitchen measurements that you need to know.


The kitchen counter is used by a woman most of the times, hence it’s height and width should be made such that the person cooking should not only feel comfortable but hassle free too.

While making preparations in your kitchen make sure that your spine should be straight in order to avoid stress on your back. Also, avoid twisting. Use height flexibility options as your platform should not below (difficulty in keeping the spine straight for a longer time). It should not be too high (strain in your shoulders) so use as per given standards.

Height : 0.85 to 0.92 m (2-9 to 3’0)

36”high is standard ( standard bar height island clocking in at 42”). 34-36, may vary based on your choices, sizes, preferences. You can change height according to the comforts of the person.

Include the cooking surface and sink.

As per the Interior designer’s advice, the appropriate height should be according to comforts rather than the standards.


2’0 ( 0.60 m –0.75m) 2’6

Can exceed due to the new stoves, technologies being available in markets.



Average base cabinet depth is 24” and counter depth is 25”. It also can vary according to your choices, size, appliances, cabinetry, etc.



Although in kitchen interiors ideal preparation area is 36” but at least try 12” as the landing area next to the cooktop. Good width next to the sink can be 18”.



Place dining area near to kitchen for convenience or it could be merged in the kitchen as per your preferences. To make it functional leave at least space of 30 inches (76 cm) between the wall provided an edge of the table so that people could sit comfortably. Ideal dining table clearance distance is 48 inches (122 cm).

Make sure to place a window near the dining table if merged in the kitchen.



It should be at least 86.5 cm or 34 inches wide and should not come as an obstacle for appliances and work areas. You can also try out pocket door according to your kitchen’s size.




It should not overlap with other things when you would open the door of your appliances such as the oven.




It should open on the side towards the center of the preparation area. It should be well placed as discussed above ( in the appliance door).





 Kitchen Space Drawing

Where a person stands during preparing his food in the kitchen is termed as aisle which should be at least 42” wide and walkways 36”. If two cooks work together than expand it to 48”.


Idea Kitchen Dimensions

Idea Kitchen Spaces Dimensions




Try to balance the distance between the workstations, make sure it should not be less than 3 feet and more than 7 feet. It can range from 3-7.





Note: For Indian home, ask your builder not to install granite slabs until you finish your modular kitchens in order to avoid civil issues and shabby finish. Assemble the units in the empty kitchen and then granite should be laid on the top.

Follow these guides and give your kitchen a trendy look!!









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