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Awesome Pooja Unit Designs Ideas for Every Indian Home

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Puja Unit Design Ideas for Indian Homes

Awesome Pooja Unit Designs Ideas for Every Indian Home

Pooja rooms or Mandir or Temple or Prayer room are an essential part, especially for Indian home. It is esteemed to be pristine and has holy ambiance. It manifests a place which has positive energy and this creates a great impact on the body, soul, and mind. It brings in positive aura removing negative energies. By offering prayers in this area you can bring positive vibes and release all negative energies. You can meditate and pray. It is the most auspicious and sacred room. This room brings in positivity and harmony weakening the influence of negative energies. It is the heart of Indian homes. We perform rituals, express honor and respect in form of chants to God.

Designing The Pooja Room As Per Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra plays a very important role. Design this divine space as per the rules and guidelines of Vastu Shastra.

Location For Pooja Room

Location is very important as per Vastu guidelines. Best location for Pooja room as per Vastu Shastra is Northeast (Ishan kone) direction. The dawn time is considered to be ideal for pooja and meditation. During dawn, Sun is in the north-east direction.

Next best locations are East or North.

Ideally, the central portion of the ‘Brahmasthan’ is the best area as the center of the house is visible from all directions. It is the core where positive energy radiates outwards and dissipates around. Consider it if you have large homes.

While offering prayers your face should always be towards the east as per Vastu Shastra.

Locations To Be Avoided

Avoid placing pooja rooms in Southeastern and Southwestern corner as Agni (God of fire) and Yama (God of death) rule both these directions.

Other Things To Avoid As Per Vastu Shastra

  • Never place pooja area next to the toilet or bathroom as it is considered to bring in negative energies. The unwanted smell might be distracting while worshipping. Also, avoid placing it near the basement area.
  • Avoid keeping heavy idols in the Mandir. Do not chisel off walls to keep idols.
  • Never place a dustbin in the pooja room as it disperses negative energy.
  • Never use pooja room as hidden lockers for money. Only one pooja room should be there in a home.
  • You should avoid placing bells and shanks in pooja room. If you do place these items and items like ‘sreechakra’ make sure to follow all rules related to it otherwise it may cause some harm.
  • Do not keep two idols of the same God or deity in your pooja room also ensure that two idols should not face each other.
  • Never place pooja room in bedroom.
  • Do not bring idols from old temples.
  • Photos of people who have passed should be avoided. Also, avoid keeping photos of animals and birds.



  • The idols should face the opposite direction from the direction that you pray in.
  • Deepak, Agni kund, and lamp should be placed in Southeast direction whereas Kalas or water body should be in North or east of the room. Place lamps in front of idols.
  • Daily rituals, occasional gathering of family in pooja room is important to bring in positivity.
  • Fragrance should be used such as sandalwood or flowers incense sticks to remove negative feeling by spreading positive vibes.
  • Keep idols in east or west of prayer room. Ensure that they are placed a few inches away from the wall or at least an inch away.
  • Keep showcases, almirahs towards the south or west walls.
  • Doors and windows can be in North and east walls.
  • Pyramid shaped roofs are considered very auspicious. Pooja’s entrance should have the threshold.
  • Ensure idols are always in perfect condition.
  • Prefer to keep picture rather than idols as per Vastu.
  • The room should have proper Ventilation and plenty of natural light. The room should also have windows in order to make it airy.



  • The kitchen can also be used for creating pooja rooms but make sure to keep it in the northeast corner. Also, ensure that the pooja space is away from the sink (dirty dishes are piled up over there) and stove.
  • Other corners such as glass windows, drawers, shelves, showcase doors can also be used for creating pooja corners.
  • Space away from living area or verandah can also be skillfully made by using curtains, decorative screens but keep in mind the Vastu Shastra directions.
  • Avoid bedrooms and storage rooms to create pooja units.

Pooja rooms are often neglected when it comes to designing them. It should be designed with care as it is related to pious feelings and spirituality. Design it in a way that it brings in positive vibes and aura. Look at these amazing customized pooja unit ideas that you can opt for and give it a design as per your choice. Design your pooja room effortlessly in a subtle manner by these designs.

Marble work in prayer room is considered to be very auspicious. White or light yellow color can be used. Give it a contemporary appeal, just what every pooja room requires by using marble. The mantra is to keep it simple and classy. Make it look attractive and beautiful. Give it a peaceful look.

Staged Assembly

This idea involves creating a platform. It gives an interesting look. Build a raised platform it can be wooden or marble and place pooja mandap on the top. It keeps the spirituality grounded with a  classy approach. This idea is absolutely striking.

Give Ace Touch Through White Corian

One can opt for white Corian. It is desired aesthesis by stone. It is light as compared to marble. White symbolizes purity and gives rich look.

Give a sophisticated look by using Corian backlit panels. Creates the expensive look by totally being pocket friendly.

Traditionally Tranquil

One can be smart and opt for wood. Various options are available in wood works. Give an antique look by casting spell and charm through carved woods. Prefer going for traditional designs for wooden pooja units. Teakwood is one of the best wood that can be opted for. You can complete this look by adding beautiful idols, incense stick holders or hanging lamps, ethnic bells, chimes or fresh flowers to form an innocent connection.

Magical Moments

You can use ethnic wallpapers. It adds to the beauty and grace. Make sure to keep pooja room uncluttered. Add x-factor by using jaalis or traceries. It will give your pooja room a trendy look and more private look.

Charm Of Lights

Light gives the desired ambiance. It casts charm. This will give an intriguing look by brightening up the entire area. You can use decorative lamps, oil lamps. Light yellow or blue creates a positive atmosphere. For walls opt for white or neutral colors or light shades. You can also use multi-colored stones.

Keep Vastu Shastra points in mind and give a room an amazing look!!!

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